McCauley Mountain Skiing & Scenic Chairlift – Old Forge, NY
(315) 369-3225

Adirondack Scenic Railroad – Thendara, NY

Enchanted Forest / Water Safari – NY Largest Water Theme Park, 50+ Rides/Attractions, 32 Water Slides
(315) 369-6145

Calypso’s Cove – Next door to Enchanted Forest. Go-Karts, Mini-Golf, Batting Cages, Arcade, Pizza Hut
(315) 369-6145 - Historic, Narrated Sightseeing & Fireworks Cruises through the first four lakes of the Fulton Chain of Lakes
(315) 369-6473

Norridgewock Tour Boat – 1 hour narrated cruise along Stillwater Reservoir to the isolated community of Beaver River
(315) 376-6200

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery
127 North Street
Old Forge, NY 13420
(315) 525-0222

Adirondack Arcade, Old Forge (315) 369-6028

Adirondack Museum, Blue Mountain Lake, (518) 352-7311

Adirondack River Outfitters 1-800-525-7238

Adirondack Saddle Tours, Eagle Bay (315) 390-4005

Adirondack Scenic Railroad, Thendara    (315) 369-6290

Big Moose Lake Tours / Dunn’s, Big Moose (315) 357-3532

Calypso’s Cove, Old Forge            (315) 369-2222

Enchanted Forest/Water Safari, Old Forge           (315) 369-6145

Forest Industrial Exhibit Hall, Old Forge (315) 369-3078

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery, Old Forge (315) 525-0222

Great Camp Sagamore, Raquette Lake (315) 354-5311

Haderondah Company, Old Forge (315) 369-3868

McCauley Mountain Ski & Recreation Center, Old Forge (315) 369-3225

Norridgewock Riverboat Wilderness Cruise, Beaver River (315) 376-6200

Nutty Putty Miniature Golf, Old Forge    (315) 369-6636

Old Forge Lake Cruises, Old Forge            (315) 369-6473

Over the Rainbow Miniature Golf, Old Forge       (315) 369-6565

Rivetts Marine & Recreation, Old Forge (315) 369-3123

Strand Theatre, Old Forge (315) 369-6703

Thendara Golf Course, Old Forge (315) 369-3136

The Wild Center, Tupper Lake, (518) 359-7800

Tickner’s Moose River Canoe Trips, Old Forge     (315) 369-6286

Town of Webb Historical Association, Old Forge (315) 369-3838

View, Old Forge (315) 369-6411

Animal Care
Feathers & Boughs, Inc., Old Forge (315) 369-2323
Snowy Days Dog Grooming, Old Forge (716) 472-3555

Artisans, Craftsmen & Galleries
Gallery 3040, Old Forge
 (315) 369-1059

Hollister's Trading Post, Old Forge
(315) 369-3757

Old Forge
(315) 369-4465

The View
Old Forge
(315) 369-6411

Adirondack Bank, Old Forge, (315) 369-3153

Community Bank N.A,, Old Forge (315) 369-2764

Bike Rentals
Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co.,Old Forge     (315) 369-2300

Boat, Canoe & Sailing Service
Adirondack Exposures, Old Forge, (315) 369-6699

Big Moose Yamaha, Inc., Old Forge          (315) 357-2998

Birds’ Marine, Old Forge (315) 369-2136

Dunn’s Boat Service, Big Moose                (315) 357-3532

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co.,Old Forge     (315) 369-6670

North-South Connection, Old Forge        (315) 369-6334

Palmer Point Boat Rentals, Eagle Bay      (315) 357-5594

Rivett’s Marine & Recreation, Old Forge                (315) 369-3123

Smith Marine, Old Forge               (315) 369-9911

The Stillwater Shop, Stillwater    (315) 376-2110

Tickner’s Moose River Paddling Trails, Old Forge                (315) 369-6286

Whitewater Challengers, Old Forge (315) 369-6699


Caterers & Events Planners
Adirondack Weddings & Events, Thendara (315) 369-2323

Katie Russell, Old Forge (315) 369-2800

Mountainside Smokehouse & Grill Catering, Old Forge (315) 357-4371

Old Forge Catering, Old Forge (315) 369-5496

Food, Restaurants & Spirits
Adirondack Dog House, Old Forge (315) 369-2476

Adirondack Pizzeria, Old Forge (315) 369-6028

Bamboo Chinese Food (formerly Lion King), Old Forge (315) 369-2102

Bay Cafe, Eagle Bay (315) 882-7196

Benny's Ice Cream, Old Forge (315) 369-6636

Big Moose Inn, Big Moose (315) 357-2042

Big Moose Station, Big Moose (315) 357-3525

Billy's Italian-American Restaurant, Old Forge (315) 369-2001

Calypso’s Cove, Old Forge (315) 369-2222

Daiker’s Inn, Old Forge (315) 369-6954

DiOrio’s IGA Supermarket, Old Forge (315) 369-3131

Donut Shop, Eagle Bay (315) 357-6421

Duffy's at the Glenmore, Big Moose (315) 357-4891

Fastrac Market, Old Forge (315) 369-3020

Five Corners Cafe, Old Forge (315) 369-2255

46 Sky Lounge & Bar, Old Forge (315) 369-0046

Frankie’s Taste of Italy, Old Forge (315) 369-2400

Front Door Diner & Back Door Bar, Old Forge (315) 369-2212

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery, Old Forge (315) 525-0222

George’s Liquor Store, Old Forge (315) 369-3371

Great Pines , Old Forge (315) 369-6777

Keyes Pancake House, Old Forge (315) 369-6752

Last Run Café, Old Forge (315) 369-2551 *winter only*

Little Fox, The, Big Moose (315) 357-6000

Lodge, The at Great Pines , Old Forge (315) 369-6777

Lucy & Bob's Bakery Bistro, Old Forge (315) 369-4404

Mountainside Smokehouse & Grill, Old Forge (315) 357-4371

Muffin Patch, Old Forge (315) 369-2480

Norridgewock, Beaver River (315) 376-6200

Old Mill Restaurant, Old Forge (315) 369-3662

Old Tom Morris Pub & Grill, at Thendara Golf Club, Thendara (315) 369-3500

Ozzie's Coffee Bar, Old Forge (315) 369-6246

Pied Piper Drive-In, Old Forge (315) 369-3115

Randy’s Restaurant, Old Forge (315) 369-2888

Red Dog Tavern, South Shore Road (315) 357-5502

Runway, Thendara (315) 369-6940

Sisters Bistro, Old Forge (315) 369-1053

Slicker’s, Old Forge (315) 369-3002

Steak House Restaurant, Old Forge (315) 369-6981

Stillwater Hotel, The, Stillwater (315) 376-6470

Subway, Old Forge (315) 369-6060

Tavern, The, Eagle Bay (315) 357-4305

Toboggan Inn, Eagle Bay (315) 357-3629

Tony Harper's Pizza & Clam Shack, Old Forge (315) 369-3777

TOW Bar, Old Forge (315) 369-6405

Twister's Ice Cream, Eagle Bay (315) 357-2613

Van Auken’s Inne, Old Forge, (315) 369-3033

Wakley's Speakeasy, (315) 369-3033

Walt’s Diner, Old Forge (315) 369-2582

Guides & Outfitters
Adirondack Exposure, Old Forge, (315) 369-6699

Adirondack River Outfitters, Old Forge   (315) 369-3536

Haderondah Company, Old Forge            (315) 369-3868

McCauley Mountain Ski Shop, Old Forge               (315) 369-3144

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co.          (315) 369-6672

Whitewater Challengers, Old Forge (315) 369-6699

Bear in a Tub, Eagle Bay (315) 357-4725

Old Forge Maytag Laundromat, Old Forge            (315) 369-6692

Miniature Golf
Calypsos Cove Mini Golf, Old Forge (315) 369-6145

Nutty Putty Mini Golf, Old Forge  (315) 369-6636

Over the Rainbow Mini Golf, Old Forge (315) 369-6565

Museums, Exhibit Halls & Educational Centers
View, Old Forge                (315) 369-6411

Forest Industries Exhibit Hall, Old Forge (315) 369-3078

Town of Webb Historical Association
no admission  (315) 369-3838

The Wild Center  - Tupper Lake
The Center is an 81-acre all day experience. In 2015 it opens Wild Walk, a 1,000 foot long series of bridges and platforms that take visitors over the forest of the Adirondacks. The Center was named the people's choice number one attraction in the Adirondacks the last two years running by the readers of Adirondack Life.

Adirondack Museum - Blue Mountain Lake
This attraction offers a historical perspective on the Adirondack Mountains. The museum offers workshops on logging, boats, outdoor recreation, mining ,craftsmanship, and fine arts. Historic structures range from a log hotel to a one room school house. Visitors can walk through the landscaped grounds, tour a beautiful garden, and take in the view of the surrounding area.
(518) 352-7311

Great Camp Sagamore - Raquette Lake
For more than 50 years,Sagamore served as the summer retreat of the Alfred G. Vanderbilt family. Today Sagamore, the only Great Camp operating as a non-profit organization, is open to the public for tours, and accommodations for outdoor, craft, and heritage residential programs. Tours are at 10:00 AM and 1:30PM. Reservations for tours are recommended.
(315) 354-5311
Photography & Video Services
Adirondack Mountain Productions (Kurt Gardner), Old Forge (917) 447-2744

Clark Lubbs, The Starving Artist Old Forge (315) 369-1061

Michelle DeCamp Photography, Old Forge (315) 369-3509

RBarrett Photography, Becky Barrett, Old Forge (315) 527-9693

Professional Services

Mountain Massage, Susan Stripp LMT, Old Forge (315) 520-0202

North Country Chiropractic, Old Forge    (315) 520-9936

Old Forge Chiropractic, Old Forge (315) 369-3525

Over the Moon Salon, Old Forge (315) 369-4041

Sassy Scissors, Old Forge              (315) 369-6235


Real Estate Sales
Amanda Grover Real Estate, LLC.
Amanda Grover, 315-729-4897

Snowmobile & Recreational Vehicle Sales & Service
Big Moose Marina/Dunn’s Boat Service, Old Forge (315) 357-3532

Big Moose Yamaha and Arctic Cat, Eagle Bay        (315) 357-2998

Bird’s Marine, Old Forge (315) 369-2136

Department of Motor Vehicles in Old Forge, PO Box 1128 (315) 369-3301 fax (315) 369-9936

Don’s Polaris Inc, Old Forge         (315) 369-3255

North - South Connection, Old Forge      (315) 369-6334

North Street Snowmobile Parts and Accessories, Old Forge         (315) 369-3970 or (315) 369-6149

Old Forge Sport Tours, Old Forge              (315) 369-3796

RPM Snowmobile Rentals, Thendara (315) 369-5522

Schueler's Sled Shed, Old Forge (315) 369-7669(SNOW)

Smith Marine, Old Forge               (315) 369-9911

Van Auken’s Inne, Old Forge, (315) 369-3033

Specialty Shops
Ace Hardware/Old Forge Dept. Store, Old Forge (315) 369-6609

Adirondack Accents, Old Forge (315) 369-2463

Allen’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts, Old Forge (315) 369-6660

Candy Cottage, Old Forge, (315) 369-2310

Capron’s Produce & Landscaping, Old Forge

Cedar Mountain Mercantile Gifts & Antiques (315) 369-6330

Dragonfly Cottage & Vintage Maketplace, Old Forge (315) 243-0104

Factory Store, The, Old Forge (315) 369-3115

Feathers & Boughs, Inc., Old Forge (315) 369-2323

Fulton Chain Gift Shop, Old Forge (315) 369-2260

Gallery 3040, Old Forge (315) 369-1059

George’s Liquor - Gifts & Furniture, Old Forge (315) 369-3371

Haderondah Co, Old Forge (315) 369-3868

Hollisters Trading Post at Holly Woodworking Old Forge (315) 369-3757

Kurt Gardner Photography, Old Forge (917) 447-2744

Life is Good, Old Forge (315) 369-2424

Lights are On Design Studio (Ken Thibado), Old Forge (315) 527-2398

Maxson House, Old Forge (315) 882-4402

Meyda Stained Glass Studio, Old Forge (315) 369-6636

Mission Boutique at Niccolls Church, Old Forge (315) 369-3475

Montezuma Winery, Old Forge (315) 369-3320

Moose River Trading Post, Old Forge (315) 369-6091

Morin’s Sign Shop, Thendara (315) 369-3396

Mountain Greenery, Old Forge (315) 369-2800

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co, Old Forge (315) 369-6672

Mountain Music, Old Forge (315) 369-6869

Naked Moose, Old Forge (315) 369-2211

Oil Well, Old Forge

Old Forge Hardware Store, Old Forge (315) 369-6100

Old Forge Liquors, Old Forge (315) 369-4405

Patti's Paper Craft Studio, Old Forge (315) 327-9007

Rainbow Zen, Old Forge (315) 369-2304

Shelter, Old Forge (315) 369-5014

Shirley's Some Things Old & New, Old Forge (315) 369-6956

Souvenir Village, Old Forge (315) 369-3811

Starving Artist Gallery, Old Forge (315) 369-1061

Stick Candles, Old Forge (315) 369-0011

Stillwater Shop, The, Stillwater (315) 376-2110

Village Square, Eagle Bay (315) 357-3818

Wagging it in the ADK, Old Forge (315) 369-2030

Wilderness Interiors, Old Forge (315) 369-6773

Theaters / Entertainment
Mountain Music, Old Forge         (315) 369-6869

Mountain Theater Company, Old Forge (315)357-6205

Strand Theater, Old Forge (315) 369-6703

View, Old Forge (315) 369-6411

Community Transportation Service Ltd., Old Forge (315) 369-2830 (limited for senior medical appointments)

MAC's Safe Ride, Old Forge (315) 369-8121

Discover the Adirondack Park  -

See the loons, ospreys and other birds around Moss Lake near Eagle Bay. Near rivers and streams (all three branches of the Moose River, along the bridges at Rondaxe, Green Bridge Road, North Street, and at Lock-n-Dam.) one might see any of these birds: Herons, Hawks, Mergansers, Pewee’s, Junco’s, Flycatchers, Kingfisher’s, and Swallows.  Near ponds and lakes (Nicks, Rondaxe, Moss, Cascade) you might see Loons, Osprey, Hawks, Eagles, Woodpeckers and Grouse. Along the roadsides, look for  Owls, Woodpeckers , Turkeys, Thrushes, Jays, and Chickadees.

Canoeing, Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddle Boards
Old Forge, Paddling Capital of the Adirondacks, offers great paddling opportunities for canoers, kayakers, and stand-up paddle (SUP) board enthusiasts. Bring your own craft or rent one from one of several area shops. Watercrafts, supplies, guides and transportation are available for day trips or longer excursions.

Old Forge is embraced by the North and Middle branches of the Moose River, offering wilderness paddling opportunities immediately accessible from area villages.  The North Branch offers winding, backcounty scenery flowing with the current from Rondaxe Bridge near Rondaxe Lake.  Deer, otters, beavers and Great Blue Herons are frequently seen on the 12-mile excursion which typically takes about six hours.  Approximately four miles downstream from Rondaxe is North Street Bridge, another popular put-in spot on the outskirts of Old Forge.  All of the same scenery and wildlife is available, and small, sandy beaches provide picnic spots.  This North Branch route comprises the last four hours of the Rondaxe trip.  The Middle Branch of the Moose, flowing from the dam at Old Forge Pond, joins the North Branch near the Thendara Bridge in Old Forge. The gorgeous river continues meandering through the Black River Wild Forest to Minnehaha, then to Singing Waters, where the river gathers speed.  The Moose spills over small rock gardens through McKeever, then establishes itself as one of the premier whitewater resources in the Northeast.  Class IV and Class V rapids provide experienced paddlers Adirondack whitewater adventures on the Lower Moose.

Additional flat water paddling opportunities abound on the Fulton Chain of Lakes, originating in Old Forge, and on Big Moose Lake.  Extensive canoeing and kayak touring is available on Stillwater Resevoir, northwest of Big Moose and Eagle Bay.

For Canoe & Kayak Rentals:
Adirondack Exposures, Old Forge, (315) 369-6699

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co.          (315) 369-6672

Palmer Point Boat Rentals, Eagle Bay      (315) 357-5594

Tickner’s Moose River Paddling Trails, Old Forge                (315) 369-6286

SUP Board Rentals:

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co.          (315) 369-6672

Our area offers a diversified fishing experience for the novice to the experienced angler. Bass, Northern Pike, Muskie, Trout and Landlocked Salmon are just a sample of the range of fish in our area. Talk to local residents, stop in at a bait shop or hire an experienced guide to learn more about where the fish are biting. Competitive fishing derbies and cash prizes offered all year long.

Ice Fishing
Winter ice fishing on our majestic frozen lakes offers some of the best fishing all year long. Public fishing is available from state and town land and all of the DEC State Campgrounds.

If golf is your game, then consider yourself lucky. Old Forge /Thendara has one of the finest golf courses in this area located right at our doorstep. The Thendara Golf Course is a an 18-hole par 72, Donald Ross-Designed Championship Golf Course, once played by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Lee Travino, Chi Chi Rodriguez and a number of other famous golfers. The course is cut right out of the natural beauty of the Central Adirondacks. With its plush grasses, meticulously maintained greens and fairways, this course is a pleasure, no matter what your level of play. The course will take you down doglegs, past sandtraps, onto elevated and rolling greens and through some very unique Adirondack scenery.

Thendara Golf Course, Old Forge (315) 369-3136


Bald Mt.: Trail north on Rt. 28 4.5 miles past Visitor Information Center in Old Forge. Turn left on Rondaxe Rd. Go one-tenth mile to parking area on left. It is a one mile hike, 30-40 minutes, offering excellent views of the Fulton Chain of Lakes along with historic fire tower.

Visit the Friends of Bald Mountain Web Site:

Bubb Lake & Sis Lake: 2.3 miles, 1 hour. 7.6 miles north of Tourist Information Center in Old Forge on north side of Rt. 28. Offers hiking, camping, swimming and fishing. Beginner to intermediate. Some early ascent, then mostly level. Leads by two beautiful scenic lakes.

 Cascade Lake: Hiking, canoeing, waterfall, camping, swimming, fishing. 4.6 mile round trip, 2.5 hours. Easy grades. Take Big Moose Rd. from Eagle Bay nine-tenths of a mile. Parking area on right. Scenic trail, nice waterfall on north end of trail.

Fly Pond: Directly across Rondaxe Rd. from Bald Mt. Parking area. Eight-tenths of a mile hike. 30 minutes. Level. Leads past Fly Pond, Carry Mountain Pond, old bed of Raquette Lake Railway, Scenic Mountain, Mountain Pond.

Moss Lake: Take Big Moose Road in Eagle Bay 2.1 miles, trailhead on left. Hiking, canoeing, camping, swimming & fishing. 2.5 mile loop, 1 hour. Relatively level.

For more local hikes and maps contact the Town of Webb Visitor Information Center at (315) 369-6983 (where much of this page’s information was derived from). Always remember to bring a map and compass, tell someone where you’re going and when you are due back and be sure to register at trailheads.

Mountain Biking
Good cross-country trails abound, and there are mellow, swoopy singletracks, as well as steep, technical places such as Maple Ridge and McCauley Mountain.  The TOBIE Trail connects the communities of Thendara, Old Forge, Big Moose, Inlet & Eagle Bay. The paved trail starts in Thendara just south of the train station and travels north through Old Forge (click here for map) and then connects with the snowmobile trail system at the end of North Street. These  trails are closed during Hunting Season and Snowmobiling Season (September 14 to April 1). They follow roads, old railroad beds and snowmobile trails with gentle grades and many scenic views, making this sport fun for beginners and a great aerobic workout for serious riders.

The Maple Ridge to McCauley Mountain trail begins at a kiosk where the TOBIE trail runs parallel to Park Avenue in Old Forge. 

Bike and Rail Package-- available in summer into September.
This train offers bikers the opportunity to ride the train north to Carter station or Big Moose, then ride their bicycles back to Old Forge. Mountain bikers can access the Webb Trail System and connect to the TOBIE Trail at Rondaxe. Detailed maps are available at the Old Forge Visitor Information Center. Bring your own bicycle or rent one from Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company, phone 315-369-2300. Click here for additional information.

Horseback Riding Tours
A unique way for everyone to explore wilderness trails, with adventures customized for all ages and ability levels, from novices to experienced riders. Also programs for disabled veterans and other persons with adaptive needs.

Adirondack Saddle Tours - Eagle Bay (315) 357-4499 or toll-free 877-795-7488

Hunting is closely regulated by the Department of Environmental Conservation.
Visit New York State DEC website

Ice Skating
Go ice skating at Old Forge’s outdoor rink at the intersection of Upper Joy Tract Road and Railroad Avenue. Rink availability is weather dependent, as there is no refridgeration for the rink surface. A Zamboni is be used to groom the ice when conditions allow, however, there is no set schedule.  The rink is available 24/7 and is lighted.  A small hut is available, with bench seating to put on skates and keep belongings out of the weather.

McCauley Mountain Snow Skiing
New York's Best Family Mountain
With a summit elevation of 2300’ and terrain options for every appetite, McCauley packs big-mountain attitude into a small-mountain package. McCauley features 21 trails, slopes and glades, with opportunites for beginners, intermediates and experts who enjoy a double chairlift, two T-Bars and two rope tows. Easier trails also are available from the very top. The addition of a terrain park has made McCauley increasingly popular with snowboarders. A ski school, a full-service ski shop with rentals, and a cozy chalet with restaurant and lounge complete the ski area package, in a safe, family-freindly environment.
(315) 369-3225

Cross Country Skiing

Thendara Golf Course – Free (Groomed Frequently)

McCauley Mountain Ski Area - $6 (Professionally Groomed Daily)

Inlet's Fern Park – Free (Groomed Daily)

Back Country – Hadarondah Wildnerness area and all New York State hiking trails

Enjoy watching first run films on the four screens at The Strand Theatre in Old Forge. A fully restored Art Deco theater, the theater is an attraction in itself. Inside is a free film history musuem.

The Strand Theatre - Old Forge (315)-369-6703

Old  Forge Library
Enjoy a book, video, newspaper, or check your e-mail at The Old Forge Library. Free WiFi available inside and out, programs for children and adults, and art exhibits are displayed regularly.
Old Forge Library - (315) 369-6008

Old Forge Public Beach

 Open 7 days a week (Summer until Labor Day) from 9am to 6pm with Lifeguards on duty.   No admission fee.  Parking and entrance on Lakeview Avenue near the public tennis courts and Lakefront Park. Free adjoining Pirate Ship playground.

River Rafting
Enjoy a wilderness whitewater adventure offered by outfitting companies that supply instruction, equipment (including wetsuits in cooler weather) and licensed guides. Depending on the time of year and the waterway selected, you can enjoy a family float trip interspersed with the thrill of rolling rapids OR a heart-pounding excursion through serious whitewater. Check with the outfitter of your choice to find the best trip for your level of expertise. Each outfitter has its own features and highly specialized trips.

Adirondack River Outfitters, Old               Forge 1-800-525-7238
Whitewater Challengers, Okara Lakes (315) 369-6699

Take the opportunity to see the beautiful Adirondack Mountains from a “bird’s eye view.” There are so many lakes in the area you’ll have trouble counting them all. Go on a short ride or arrange for longer excursions -- our seaplane operators are flexible and want to give you the best possible ride.  Dockside service throughout the Fulton Chain of Lakes and at many adjacent lakes.

Since 1965, Old Forge has been know as the "The Snowmobile Capital of the East" with almost 500 square miles of groomed trails. Ride your snowmobile from lodging to shopping to dining (all community streets, except NY State Route 28, are open to snowmobiles). The Old Forge trail system is maintained by two shifts of professional groomers daily, and connects with NY State trails in every direction. The trails wind through pine groves, along riverbanks, and over mountains to scenic vistas. Trail permits are required, and are available on-line or at the Visitor Information Center in Old Forge.

With an annual snowfall average of over 250 inches and miles of hiking trails you can't find a better place than the Town of Webb to snowshoe. Bring your snowshoes, rent or purchase a pair when you get here. Strap on a pack, hire an Adirondack Guide, or go it alone with your friends, the options are endless. It's the best way to hike in the winter.

For more information on rentals and sales visit:

Adirondack Outdoor Center (315) 369-2300

McCauley Mountain Ski Shop (315) 369-3281

Stop in the at Old Forge Visitor Information Center for a complete listing of winter hiking trails (Again, that’s where most of this page’s information was derived from). Attractions
McCauley Mountain Skiing & Scenic Chairlift – Old Forge, NY
(315) 369-3225

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